It is projected that within three years, 50% of the youth in Nigeria would be between the ages of 15-30 years, and this age range is particularly problematic, when not effectively mentored, hence the vision of Generation Next Impact Organization. Generation Next Impact, a youth impact based organization based in Abuja, Nigeria, started on the 25th January, 2014 in Ebonyi State University campus, with the mandate to ‘Raise youths as gifts to generations’, bridge the gap of leadership and youths inclusion in national transformation through effective training for self-discovery, skills development, leadership capacity building, mentoring and supports programs, identifying youths in Nigeria and indeed Africa who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives and empower them to lead in different areas of their aspirations. GNI organizes an annual leadership and impact summit across Nigeria since inception, with impact in over 500 youths across Nigeria and a reach to three nations and counting. We are more effective in our deliberate communication and engagement, and do a better job understanding the attitudes, opinions, grievances and concerns of the youths in Nigeria. In few months, our dream of building an international acclaimed leadership institute would become a reality in Nigeria with branches across West Africa. The institute would be a School of Practice and a School of Thought, which designs and facilitates transformational in-person learning experiences to train and support global young leaders, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in developing the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets needed to scale their impact on the world’s biggest challenges like leadership.

Over the years, we have curate, convene, and nurture a diverse community of global creative leaders, who would take their leadership and innovation capability to the next level.

We understand that the 21st century will be defined by those who collaborate with purpose, responding with big ideas and big heart to the ills caused by leadership lapses. Our problems are beyond what any single leader can tackle. By working together to get beyond the status quo, we will design unconventional solutions for a new path.


Chibuike Iroegbu

President, Generation Next Impact



Generation Next Impact has hosted five leadership and impact summits, one secondary school symposium and thinking school project. Our Impact summits comprises of capacity building, purpose discovery programs, skills acquisitions and mentoring program while our leadership summits look holistically on raising youths who would lead the seven mountains of influence in integrity and godliness. These mountains are Education, Religion, Politics/governance, Art/Entertainment, Media, Economy and Family Mountains and teaching them how to take over these spheres of influence and become a positive role model to many youths and the impact have shown across all our youths successfully doing amazing things in their chosen career parts.


  • 2014 Ebonyi State Leadership Summit and Ebonyi State Impact Summit
  • 2015 Enugu State Impact Summit
  • 2016 Enugu State Leadership Summit and Ebonyi State Secondary School Purpose Discovery Project
  • 2017 Enugu State Leadership and Impact Summit
  • 2018 Ebonyi State and Abuja Leadership and Impact Summit
  • 2019 Ebonyi State Impact Summit
  • 2020 Ebonyi State and Abuja Leadership and Impact Summit



We have also featured in an international events like

  • International Youth Diplomacy Conference Accra Ghana
  • International Diplomatic Visit to France Embassy in Ghana
  • DESPLAY West Africa Conference Lagos Nigeria
  • ECOWAS Youth Summit in Nigeria
  • International SDG Youth Conference Accra Ghana

We are still counting on other International events in 2020




  • Gender based Violence School Projects
  • Generation Next Impact Leadership Institute
  • Nationwide Secondary School Purpose Discovery Conference
  • International Youth Leadership Summit


Our aim is to become a conduit for national transformation in Africa and indeed the world, so that any youth who passes through Generation Next Impact trainings, teachings and Mentoring would sure become a gift to generations. We are bent on harnessing raw skills and talents, incubating them and launching them forth to solve the leadership menace in Africa.


Contact Info


Address: No_1 Sanctuary Avenue Apo Resettlement Zone E Abuja.

Phone: +234 9053082099, +234 7035090608


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